Coronavirus is a kind of virus that has been identified recently in human body. World Health Organization has given its name Covid-19. If you have interested properly about Covid-19, this article should be made for you.

What do you mean by Covid-19?

A corona virus is a kind of common virus that causes an infection in our nose, sinuses or our upper throat. There are many different kinds and some cause disease. A newly identified Coronavirus, SARS-Cov-2, has cause a worldwide pandemic of respiratory illness, called Cov-19.

Do you know about social distancing, Quarantine and isolation?

Social distancing: keeping space between yourself and other people when you have to go out.

Quarantine: keeping someone home and separated from other people if they might have been exposed to the virus.

Isolation: keeping sick people away from healthy people, including using a separate bedroom and bathroom when possible.

How did Covid-19 start?

According to some source bats or some animals are the carriers of this virus. It was first found in human body in January 2019 in China. Bangladesh has also been infected with this virus.

What to do if you think you have it?

If you live in or have travelled in an area where Covid-19 is spreading, you should follow this instructions:

1.If you don’t feel well, stay home until you’re better.

2.Call the doctor if you have trouble breathing. Then they tell you where to go for testing or treatment.

3.Follow your doctor’s advice & keep up with the news of Covid-19. Because they will tell you every information on how to prevent the spreading of virus.

Symptoms of Covid-19



3.Shortness of breath

4.Trouble breathing



7.Sore throat

8.Runny nose

9.Loss of smell or taste

10. Nausea

11. Diarrhea

12. Body aches

Covid-19 Risk Factors

1.Chronic kidney disease


3.Sickle cell disease

4.Type 2 diabetes

5.Heart failure

6.A weakened immune system

7.Severe asthma

8.High blood pressure

9.Liver disease

10. Pregnancy

11. Smoking

12. thalassemia

Covid-19 Transmission

Covid-19 can be transmitted in many other ways such as:

Human to human transmission, person to person transmission, airborne transmission, droplet transmission, air transmission, community transmission, animal transmission, and such as.

Covid-19 Diagnosis

If you have symptoms like fever of 100 F or higher, cough or trouble breathing then call the doctor or go to the hospital.

Covid-19 Preventions

These following tips should be need to prevent Covid-19:

1.Wash your hands

2.Practice social distancing

3.Cover your nose and mouth in public by musk.

4.Don’t touch your face

5.Clean and sterilize.

Preparations Tips of Covid-19

1.Meet as a household to talk about who needs what.

2.If you have people at a higher risk, ask the doctor what to do.

3.Talk to your neighbors about emergency planning. Join your neighborhood chat group or website to stay in touch.

4.Find community aid organizations that can help with health care, food delivery, and other supplies.

5.Make an emergency contact list. Include family, friends, neighbors, doctors, teachers, employers, and the local health department.

6.Talk to your child’s school about keeping up with assignments.

Can A Face Musk Protect You From Infection?

The CDC recommends that you wear a cloth face mask if you go out in public. Surgical masks and N95 masks should be reserved for health care workers and first responders, the CDC says.

Is It Safe To Travel During A Pandemic?

Crowded places can raise your chances of getting Covid-19. If you choose to travel, stay away from sick people. Wash your hands often, and try not to touch your face. Wear a cloth face mask.

Covid-19 Treatment

There is no specific treatment for COVID-19. People who get virus symptoms like rest, Body aches and fever. Take over the medicine for a sore throat, body aches, and fever. But don’t give aspirin to children or teens younger than 19.

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Covid-19 Vaccine

On Dec. 11, 2020, the FDA granted an emergency use authorization (EUA) in the U.S. for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for people 16 years of age and older. Within a week, that agency also granted an EUA to a vaccine developed by Moderna.

The British government approved and began to give the Pfizer vaccine on Dec. 8, 2020. Vaccines developed in China and Russia are now also being given in several other countries.

How can you help to stop the Spread of the Covid-19?

Keeping social distancing or physical distancing, keeping quarantine and keeping isolation.

Current situation of Covid-19

The novel Covid-19 spread so rapidly that it has change the rhythm of the globe. After we overcome the pandemic, there is no cause of much panic for the disease. Bangladesh government is very alert in these regard and has already taken all necessary.

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Final thought

Actually, the novel Corona virus is a kind of wrath imposed by the great creator. So we all apologize to God for this so that we can live in a beautiful world again.